Hi, I’m Lauren.

I’m a yoga instructor, fashion & fitness model, beach bum, and life lover.

I trained at the Tibetan Buddhist Centre Kagyu Samya Dzong, YogaLondon. I am qualified as an Ashtanga Vinyasa/ restorative based yoga teacher as well as pregnancy yoga.

I have been practicing yoga internationally for over 10 years, teaching in Bali Indonesia, Kerala India, Rainbow City Portugal, and in London.

I am registered and insured with Yoga Alliance UK.

I’m also trained in first aid as well as in crystal healing and angelic reiki.

I first realised I had the ‘Yoga bug’ when I was around 20 years old while working as a fashion/fitness model. Although I was very happy and grateful for my career, it was intense and I knew that something was missing. I didn’t enjoy always trying to conform in a very much ego-based industry.

I stumbled across an amazing yoga teacher in Miami and when I left the class I felt as if I was walking in a cloud so happy and so light, not just physically but mentally like I’d unloaded a huge weight I’d been carrying. I instantly loved it. Through yoga I learned to be true to myself, true to my nature. It helped me achieve a personal balance. I became more aware of the blessing of life – full of love for everything around me, everyone, myself, my Atman. A pure sense of unity. My passion grew. And still does every day.

Yoga philosophy is the heart of the practice. Without it yoga is just exercise. Breath, patience, acceptance, gratitude, and non judgement are the foundations for my practice. I make a conscious decision to see the real beauty, vulnerability and imperfect perfectness of everything. Simplicity is key. It slows everything down makes things clearer and my whole being softens. I become much less stressed about the little things.

Through my practice I hope to spread inner calmness, a healthy sense of wellbeing and fit, strong and lean bodies. Working on core strength, alignment and breath control helps to nourish and nurture our bodies, detoxifying the mind, body and soul. Through this practice we can bring ourselves to the present moment, the only place and time where life really exists. Yoga is not about self-improvement it’s about self-acceptance.

My future goal is to open up a restorative yoga class for MS sufferers and other physical disabilities, which I hope will be a part of the medication funded by the NHS by facilitating retreats in warm countries.

Sunshine and nature are the greatest of healers.

Right Now I’m Here:

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